Back pain is not a simple issue. Once you have back pain, your life can stop cold in its tracks. Suddenly, a lot of things that were easy become much more difficult. Sitting, sleeping, standing… all of these things that are required for you to live can suddenly be incredibly difficult. Furthermore, there are many causes of back pain. The variables for back pain are wildly different and can seriously disrupt your life.

BioMotion Physical Therapy wants to stop your pain as soon as possible. With our staff of experts, we’ve adopted numerous ways in order to deal with these issues. That way, when you’re in pain, we can step in and help you get the relief you need.

Skeletal View of Man with Back Pain
To properly address the pain, we first need to identify the source of the pain. The four areas of the spine are classified into cervical, lumbar, sacral, or thoracic sections. Each section comes with its own sets of challenges and their own unique methods of rehabilitation.

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Once we’ve isolated the region of pain,

we then classify what kind of pain you might be having.
Three types of pain you might have are:

  • Nonspecific – Pain located in the muscles or other soft tissues in the back
  • Secondary – Pain created in the back due to infection, cancer, or other item
  • Radicular – Pain that involves the nervous tissue

These three different types of pain are all radically different. That’s why, once we’ve identified the type of pain, we identify the cause of the pain. Back pain happens for many reasons, including sedentary lifestyle, weight problems, or simple wear and tear. There are multiple reasons why you might be having the pain. Because of that, there is not one master treatment that will cure all of these pains.

The specialists at BioMotion are trained to address each specific concerns. These differences come with their own set of challenges, making each case wildly different. For the different types of pains, there are different types of specialized treatments. These treatments will help maximize the effectiveness of pain management and minimize time spent in discomfort. Your treatment will not necessarily be the same treatment for anyone else. We make sure to specialize your recovery to your needs and your timeline.

BioMotion understands the need for you to get back to your life. We operate with people every day that are working towards having a better life for themselves. It’s that kind of determination that inspires us to strive even more. We work hard because you work harder. More than anything, we want to get your life back on track.

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