Anyone who’s an athlete knows that ACL injuries, particularly tears, can be especially burdensome. Not only can a torn ACL result in severe pain and a loss of range of motion, but an incapacity to put weight on the affected leg. This can make it almost impossible to participate in sports let alone walk, while making everything from school to work significantly more difficult.

That’s why Biomotion Physical Therapy provides our own state of the art physical therapy for ACL tears in Schertz. Whether you’re experiencing pain or swelling, or a lack of balance, motion, or coordination, we’re here to provide the treatment you need to fully recover.

Personalized Treatment Plans for Torn ACLs in Schertz

When it comes to ACL tears and other ligament tears, nothing’s more important than personalized treatment. After all, the knee joint is a complex structure—one that contains both bones and ligaments, as well as tendons and a wide variety of tissues. While an ACL injury could range from a simple strain to a full or partial tear, working with a physical therapist who can recommend a treatment program that’s unique to your condition can prevent undue strain and decrease your chance of re-injury.

At Biomotion Physical Therapy, we never apply a cookie-cutter template for treating our patient injuries. Instead, we’ll take the cause of your injury, as well as your lifestyle and medical history into account when recommending your treatment program. Rest assured, by choosing Biomotion, you’ll receive the best treatment plan possible for your ACL tear in Schertz—one that continues even after your treatment is complete. We’ll never stop working for you until your knee has healed completely, your motion has fully restored, and you’re entirely satisfied with our service.

Wondering what personalized service looks like?

In this short video, find out what Christina, a cheerleader at Byron P. Steele High School in Northeast Schertz, had to say about her experience treating her torn ACL at Biomotion.

Symptoms We Treat for ACL Injuries in Schertz

Whether your ACL tear was caused by a sudden stop or change in direction, a sudden blow to your leg or knee, or an accidental mishap that caused you to land on one leg, we can provide a personalized treatment plan to help you fully recover.

In addition to treating the most common causes of ACL injuries in Schertz, we can also help you recover from any of the following symptoms:

  • Instability
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Lack of Motion
  • Lack of Balance
  • Lack of Coordination

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Have you experienced an ACL tear in Schertz? We can help! At Biomotion, our highly-rated physical therapists are proficient in the very latest evidence-based treatments and hands-on therapy techniques. Combined with our deep knowledge of ACL injuries and our first-hand experience treating ACL tears, we can help you recover fully, with minimal pain and absolutely no risk of further injury.

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and to learn more about our services. We’ll get to know you and learn more about the cause and scope of your injury. Following our exhaustive assessment, we’ll recommend a personalized treatment plan that combines ample rest and rehabilitation to safely and successfully get you back on your feet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A torn ACL refers to a type of injury caused when one of the four main ligaments in your knee—the “anterior cruciate ligament”—fully or partially tears. ACL tears are especially common among athletes in Schertz (especially soccer players and runners) as sudden changes in direction or speed can easily tear the ACL.

Most patients experience a sudden “popping sensation” that occurs at the moment of the injury, followed by pain and/or instability in the joint after. You’ll generally know you’ve torn your ACL when you can’t put weight on the injured knee.

Very few patients can recover from a torn ACL without physical therapy, which is why it’s always a good idea to visit a physical therapy shortly following your injury, as doing so can ensure you get the treatment you need to fully recover.

At Biomotion, we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan just for you that combines the very best pain control techniques, strength and range of motion exercises, and other advanced training to safely and successfully treat your ACL injury.