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Shoulder pain

Expert Relief From Shoulder Pain in Schertz, TX

Shoulder pain can be a persistent and debilitating issue that affects your daily life. Whether it’s due to a sports injury, work-related strain, or the wear and tear of everyday activities, it can significantly impact your well-being. At BioMotion Physical Therapy, we understand the toll shoulder pain can take on your life, and we’re here to provide a personalized approach to help you find relief and regain your mobility.

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Customized Treatment Plans for Schertz & San Antonio Shoulder Pain Patients

At BioMotion Physical Therapy, we believe in tailoring treatment plans to meet the unique needs of our shoulder pain patients. Our team of experienced physical therapists will take the time to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your condition, identify the root causes of your shoulder pain, and create a personalized treatment plan that caters to your needs. Whether you’re suffering from chronic shoulder pain or just need post-operative care, our physical therapists can provide the evidence-based treatments and therapies you need to experience lasting relief. 

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Shoulder Pain Conditions We Can Help With

At BioMotion, our physical therapists are experts in the field and can help you recover from a wide range of conditions that cause shoulder pain, including:

Ways We Can Help Treat Your Shoulder Pain

At BioMotion, we offer an array of physical therapy techniques to address shoulder pain, including:

We’ll create a personalized plan that leverages these treatments to address your specific needs and guide you throughout the process. We’ll also provide regular check-ins to make sure your progress is on track, and make any necessary adjustments to the plan as needed. 

Our Shoulder Pain Recovery Process

At BioMotion, we follow a structured approach to ensure a successful journey to shoulder pain relief, no matter the underlying cause:


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We Create a Treatment Plan

During your initial appointment, we conduct an in-depth assessment of your injury and mobility, and then recommend a customized treatment plan designed to facilitate your complete recovery.


Experience Relief

You’ll have regular sessions with one of our licensed physical therapists for as many weeks as necessary to meet your treatment goals. Additionally, we’ll offer recommendations, tips, and exercises to expedite your recovery safely and effectively.

Experience Lasting Relief for Shoulder Pain in Schertz, Texas

Are you ready to find relief from your shoulder pain symptoms? Reach out today to learn more about our shoulder pain treatments in Schertz and discover how we can help you attain the relief you deserve.

Why Choose Us

Here are four compelling reasons why Schertz and San Antonio residents choose us for their shoulder pain recovery needs:

Professional Experts:

Our team of physical therapists at BioMotion is experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate. We place a strong emphasis on building trust and a robust patient-therapist relationship, ensuring that you feel confident and secure in our care.

Personalized Care:

We are devoted professionals who work at your pace, addressing any fears or apprehensions you may have, all while closely monitoring your progress.

Pain-Free Rehabilitation:

Your comfort is our utmost priority, and we make certain that your physical therapy treatment is as pain-free as possible, even if you’re dealing with discomfort.

Proven Effectiveness:

Our evidence-based approach to physical therapy consistently delivers tangible results, allowing you to attain your treatment goals as swiftly as possible.

We Accept a Wide Range of Insurance Carriers

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Frequently Asked Questions

You should consider professional treatment if you’re experiencing shoulder pain as a result of an injury or from a chronic health condition, or if you have experienced pain in the past and need immediate relief. It’s also a good idea to seek treatment if your pain is accompanied by swelling, redness, or tenderness around the joint.

If your shoulder pain is mild, you can try to treat it yourself by applying ice on the affected area for 10-15 minutes every hour until the pain and swelling subsides. If it doesn’t, or if you’re experiencing pain from an injury such as a strain, it may be best to consider expert shoulder pain treatment in Schertz.

Yes. At Biomotion PT, we’ll conduct a thorough examination of your condition to determine the cause of your chronic shoulder pain, and recommend a custom treatment program designed to facilitate treatment. You can regularly meet with one of our licensed physical therapists for as many weeks as you need to meet your treatment goals.

If you’re experiencing persistent shoulder pain, difficulty with daily tasks, limited mobility, or weakness in your shoulder, it’s best to seek professional treatment. Our physical therapists can evaluate your condition and create a personalized treatment plan to address your specific needs.

Yes! We’re proud to offer complimentary screenings without the need for a doctor’s referral. To schedule your free screening, simply contact us using our online form today. 

Our experienced physical therapists can help you recover from a wide range of shoulder conditions, including rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, and post-surgery rehabilitation. Contact us to find out how we can help treat your specific shoulder pain condition or injury.


  1. Bones

    Bones provide support for the body. If it weren’t for bones, then the human body would be shapeless. Bones allow us to function the way we do. Additionally, the shape of the skeleton informs the way we function. If they were shaped any differently, then our body parts would operate differently.The bones in the shoulder greatly inform the way the shoulder operates. In the shoulder, you have three: the upper arm bone (humerus), the collarbone (clavicle), and the shoulder blade (scapula).

    The arm fits into a socket contained with the shoulder blade. The shoulder blade connects the arm with the collarbone. The structure of the collarbone allows for almost total movement of the arm. While the collarbone allows the arm to be supported, it is also suspending the arm. The shoulder blade is attached to the collarbone on the inside rather than at the edges of the clavicle. This creates space for the shoulder to rotate up, down, forward, and backward.

    In addition to the three bones that comprise the primary shoulder, there are also two offshoot bones which assist in function. The acromion juts out from the shoulder blade. This bone serves to create a smooth, joint-like structure to help guide movement for lifting the arm above the head. The acromion also functions as a station for muscles to attach onto in the back. It acts as an anchor, allowing movement for shoulder muscles.

    The coracoid process also acts as an anchor, but for different muscles than the acromion. It also juts out from the scapula and helps move and stabilize the shoulder.

  2. Cartilage

    Instead of the arm directly grinding into the shoulder blade, the cavity which it rests in is surrounded by two different types of cartilage. Cartilage is a hard, yet flexible, material that often coats joints in order to help give smooth movement. The shoulder contains average cartilage that can be found across the body in joint sockets.The shoulder also contains a material called labrum. Labrum is a softer form of cartilage that is more fibrous. Labrum surrounds the upper part of the humerus; specifically, the part of the arm that fits into the shoulder blade. Labrum also helps cement the arm into the shoulder blade.

  3. Ligaments

    Ligaments are strands of tissue that connect cartilage and bone together. Without ligaments, the skeleton would fall apart. They keep the skeletal structure in place, but also allow movement. The shoulder contains four major groups of ligaments.

    1. Glenohumeral Ligaments – These ligaments make sure your shoulder doesn’t dislocate.
    2. Coraco-acromial Ligament – This ligament connects the acromion to the coracoid.
    3. Coraco-clavicular Ligaments – This allows the shoulder to have the shape and functionality that it does. This group keeps the clavicle securely attached to the scapula.
    4. Transverse Humeral Ligament – This particular ligament holds a bicep tendon within the upper arm.
  4. Muscles

    Muscles are the driving force behind the body. They are able to contract, which creates movement. In the shoulder, the muscles allow for 360˚ movement in almost every direction.

    Muscles can also be split up into multiple groups, including:

    1. Superficial Muscles – These are muscles that can be grouped on the outside of the shoulder, such as those found on the pectorals and the upper back.
    2. Deep Muscles – This group pertains to muscles found on the inside that affect the shoulder. This may include muscles found around the ribs and on the scapula
    3. Direct Muscles – This particular group of muscles is found on or in direct relation to the shoulder.

parts of the shoulder

The shoulder is made of many parts that can’t operate without the help of the other. If one part of the shoulder stops working, it can cause severe pain or even make the shoulder stop working properly. In order to treat shoulder pain right, it’s crucial to learn about the shoulder.

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