BioMotion treats the people of Schertz and San Antonio using evidence-based physical therapy. We make each decision in your therapy based off of either evidence of past success or studies that confirm treatment ideas.

Our unique approach to physical therapy has achieved a 90% success rate of all our clients.

Along with general physical therapy services, we also offer care in:

Back Pain Treatment

We use a combination of non-surgical methods, orthopedic services, lifestyle assessments, and more to provide lasting relief from back pain.

Neck Pain

If you have neck pain, you could be dealing with joint pain, muscle pains, or something even worse. See our neck pain team to get a specialized plan of action.

Shoulder Pain

Whether it’s dislocation, tear, impingement, BioMotion can help. We can help work to rehabilitate your shoulder and provide you with lasting relief.

Foot/Ankle Pain

Foot pain can affect the back, neck, shoulder, and many other areas of the body. For a comprehensive treatment plan, talk with the experts at BioMotion for help.

Other Services