Comprehensive Injury Treatment in Schertz, TX

Biomotion Physical Therapy happily provides evidence-based physical therapy as well as a range of specialty therapies to treat injuries of all kinds.

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Expert Injury Treatment in Schertz

At Biomotion, we hire some of the best injury specialists in Texas, and give them the tools and resources they need to do what they do best. Combined with our unique patient-first approach to treatment, we’ve been able to consistently achieve a 90% success rate for all our clients.

Vibrant, Fully-Equipped Clinics

At Biomotion, we strive to over deliver in every way. That’s why you’ll find our clinics complete with welcoming reception rooms, top-of-the-line equipment, and friendly, considerate staff members who are eager to accommodate you.

Convenient Locations Close To Home

Live nearby Schertz Parkway or Interstate 35? Biomotion has physical therapy clinics in both Schertz and Cibolo, Texas, so you’ll never have to travel too far to get the injury treatment you deserve. Stop by to schedule your free screening today!

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Our Proven Treatments

Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Recently had a motor vehicle accident in Schertz? Whether you’re suffering from whiplash, a concussion, or dislocated joints, we can help treat your injury, reduce the pain and restore your range of motion.

TBI Treatment

Whether from a sports accident, a car crash, or, even, an act of violence, brain injuries can easily cause long-term symptoms if not treated early and adequately. That’s why we provide traumatic brain injury treatment in Schertz for all patients.

Workplace Injury Treatment

Workplace injuries are especially common, and can happen to anyone, anywhere. Whether you’re suffering from a slip, trip, fall or collision, we can help you bounce back from your injury—and return to work—promptly and comfortably.

Back Injury Treatment

Suffering from back pain? You’re not the only one. Experts say that 8 in 10 people will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Fortunately, we’re here to help. From manual therapy and massage, to stretching and exercise, we can recommend a treatment program to get you back to moving pain-free.

Sports Injury Treatment

Injuries are especially common among athletes, including runners, ballplayers, horse riders, gymnasts, swimmers, and even crossfitters. At Biomotion, many of our therapists are adept in the latest sports medicine treatments and can help you recover from all manner of sprains, strains, and tears—so that you get off the bench as quickly as possible.

Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment

Can’t comb your hair or reach behind your back? Feeling a dull ache in your shoulder? It may be a sign you’re experiencing a rotator cuff injury—the most common cause of shoulder pain. You can count on us to restore your full range of motion, without causing further injury.

ACL Injury Treatment

Feeling knee pain from an ACL tear or similar injury? We can help. Our team of physical therapists have extensive experience treating clients with ACL injuries, and can help you by reducing the pain and swelling, restoring your full range of motion, and strengthening your muscles to get you back on your feet.

Have an injury but not sure what?

Schedule a free screening to find out how we can help! We’ll provide you with a free screening, followed by a custom treatment plan to get you feeling better fast!

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Fill out our contact form or call us at 210-659-4333. We’ll set up a time for a free complimentary screening at a time that’s convenient for you. No referrals are required to apply, so schedule your appointment now!


We Make a Treatment Plan

During your initial appointment, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your injury and mobility, and recommend a custom treatment plan designed to help you fully recover.


You Begin Recovering

You’ll regularly meet with one of our licensed physical therapists for as many weeks as you need to meet your treatment goals. We’ll also provide suggestions, tips, and exercises to help you recover quickly, safely, and successfully.

You Shouldn’t Wait Any Longer To Treat Your Injury

At Biomotion, we provide free complimentary screenings at all of our locations. Schedule a screening today to get the Schertz injury treatment you deserve.

We Accept a Wide Range of Insurance Carriers

If you don’t see your insurance listed, please call us for more information. If you’re covered by TriCare Insurance, Biomotion may be a preferred provider in your network.

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  • United Health Care


We provide a wide range of physical therapy services, including manual therapy, exercise, and therapeutic modalities. We can discuss these in detail during your initial screening.

Our approach to physical therapy focuses on providing individualized care and helping our patients set and reach their goals. That’s why all our recovery plans are made using the best available clinical evidence available. 

By relying on what’s proven and time-tested, we can rest easy knowing that we’re doing the best we can to do what’s best for our patients.

During your first appointment, we’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation to review your medical history and perform any diagnostic tests needed to assess your injury. We’ll also assess any functional deficits, your pain level, and your current posture, and conduct a thorough evaluation of your strength, flexibility and balance.

Following your evaluation, one of our expert physical therapists will recommend a personalized treatment plan that is designed to help you recover fully and effectively. They’ll also explain treatment goals and next steps, and will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Since no referrals are required, we only ask that patients please bring the following documents:

  • Your ID
  • Your completed Patient Intake Form
  • Your Insurance Information
  • A medical referral, if you have one

Although optional, you can prepare for your appointment by making a chronological list of your symptoms, starting from when the injury occurred, and a list of questions, if any, that you may have for our physical therapists.

Preferably clothing that’s comfortable and stretchy. And, no jewelry, if possible.

During each physical therapy session, our physical therapists will assess your condition, develop a treatment plan, and provide education and instruction on exercises, stretches, and other treatments. We’ll also adapt our treatment plans as needed to meet your specific needs. 

Depending on your condition, we may use manual therapy techniques, modalities, or exercise to help reduce pain, improve mobility, increase strength, and restore function, and may also guide how to maintain good posture or proper body mechanics to avoid injuries in the future.

At Biomotion PT, our custom programs are designed to help patients recover quickly and effectively, while also enjoying their rehabilitation experience. For this reason, duration and frequency of treatment depend on each patient’s unique injury and condition.

That said, we typically recommend one to two sessions per week for a period of 6-12 weeks to ensure your full recovery. 

It depends on your insurance provider and plan. Check out our Insurance page for details.

No. You can make an appointment with a physical therapist without a doctor’s referral and with no obligations.

Dr.Sanchez & Dr.Paez are really good people. The staff is wonderful! They helped me get stronger in my walking after hip replacement. They are compassionate About each client. They helped me in so many ways. They set a plan for my recovery. They sent homework of different exercises to do at home. They are the best when it to physical therapy. I highly recommend them!I thank them for all that they did to help me get stronger. And they have Christian music playing. Something for your heart &... soul! I love these people!read more
Jayme Edwards
Jayme E.
Went to BioMotion for a shoulder injury. The pain was excruciating I thought I needed surgery. Derek provided a quick analysis and informed me on what it was and what I needed to do. Derek and his team of physical therapist began to treat me and no surgery was needed! Shoulder is feeling great and better than what I was before! Highly recommend this clinic! Great team, great clinic, great atmosphere.
My first experience with Derek Sanchez as my physical therapist was in 2009. During my therapy (which helped) I told him about my daughter who was recovering from a bad car wreck which resulted in a spinal fusion and a 6 week stay in the hospital. She was a few months down the road from that but still struggling. He really thought he could help so I arranged for her to have therapy at Biomotion. Derek saw her and helped her improve to the point that she could endure the rigors of nursing... school. She did great and graduated at the top of her class. She is still doing great and has three active sons. I have also seen other therapists at Biomotion over the years with positive results. I just finished treatment with Dr Sanchez for an arthritic hip. My hip pain was keeping me up at night and prevented me from doing things I wanted to do. When I came in I basically said, I’m here so my PCM can check the box to send me to orthopedics so I can have a hip replacement. He said his job was to get me better so I didn’t need surgery. Well, he did, I’m doing very well and surgery is not in the foreseeable future. I give BIomotion my highest more
Brenda K
Brenda K
I am a two sport athlete at Westlake high school in Austin, Texas. We are the defending state champs in Texas 6A football and we’re ranked 11th nationally in baseball. I was the starting short stop of the baseball team and couldn’t have gotten to where I was without the help of Biomotion, and doctor Sanchez. I had been dealing with back pain for a couple of months and went to many different physical therapy places and none could get me back to where I am now, except Biomotion. Excellent service... and most down to earth people who really want to help more
Rhett Giesecke
Rhett G.
Dr. Dereck, Dr. Gene and the whole staff are very knowledgeable and professional. The friendly environment and true concern for patient needs drives individuals to get through their physical therapy needs. I strongly recommend this team to help individuals restore their quality of life. If I require physical therapy in the future, I intend on returning to this team.
Michael Carroll
Michael C.
I have Osteoarthritis in my knees and fell and hurt myself. My doctor sent me to BioMotion Physical Therapy in Schertz, Texas for treatment. All of the staff and Dr. Derek Sanchez are very professional, friendly and informative. I completed all my sessions and I am not experiencing any pain! I recommend this office to anyone who needs help with pain or injuries. The hours of the office are very good for kids, parents and people who work .Thank you BioMotion team !Katherine Bennett
Jeff Bennett
Jeff B.
I recently discussed my cervical neck issues that were causing arm impingement with Dr Sanchez to decide my best place for treatment. He listened carefully, answered all my questions and reminded me of their clinic’s approach. This would be my third time coming back for his help in healing. He didn’t pressure me but told me he was there for me and I could seek other treatment as well. His warm, genuine concern has caused me to come back again. I received a lot of care from Dr. Jordan. He is... very skilled and compassionate. I highly recommend him. The music is always a blessing. My husband told me when I was leaving, I was humming. The songs were still playing in my head:)read more
Tilly Copley
Tilly C.
I'm a USArmy Wounded Warrior from Iraq 2010, I have been going to biomotion Physical Therapy and the progress has been amazing. At first the exercises didn't feel like I was making any progress but when it was time for my evaluation I had tears of joy. I tend to mess up my form when doing exercises and the staff is quick to correct me. If I could give 10 Stars I would, they are all great. If you need Physical Therapy give Biomotion a chance to get your like back on track. My progress has made... a beautiful impact on my ability to play with my children and increased family activities. A+ 100%read more
Excellence from Start to Finish!! I have been to 2 other near by clinics and they pail in comparison to Biomotion physical therapy. From the first evaluation to the last treatment, I was treated by a team of professionals led by a gem of a human being, Dr. Derek Sanchez! After 25 years of back pain I finally found someone who gets it right! Thank you Biomotion!!!
Luis Medina
Luis M.
I had an issue with my right arm in which I was having severe pain when rotating the arm. After consulting with my General Practitioner and being refered for x-rays, I was sent to a Nerve specialist for testing. It was found that I had a pinched nerve in my neck that was radiating pain down my neck, shoulder and into my right hand. My wife had been treated at BioMotion before and with this being one of the closest PT locations to our residence, I made an appointment. I was evaluated by Dr.... Sanchez and started therapy the same day. Due to my work schedule I was treated by Susan and Lauren through most of my therapy. All of the staff were friendly, compassionate, and helpful. With my twice a week appointments and the exercises I was given to do at home, I very quickly started to notice a lessening of the pain in my arm, and was able to grip, hold and pick up things like normal.I would highly recommend friends, family and anyone else looking for a PT clinic with staff that cares about their patients and that are willing to work with most any schedule. If the need ever arises I will be returning to BioMotion in the more
Paul Carmean
Paul C.
I am a disabled veteran who experienced multiple surgeries dating back to 1979. I received physical therapy at three different locations overseas as well as within the US. However my most recent physical therapy experiences (2014, 2016 and 2018) with BioMotion Physical Therapy was without question the best! My last three surgeries were total knee replacements on both knees and a knee replacement revision. Dr. Sanchez and his entire team were very professional and extremely knowledgeable,... which made all of my sessions pleasant and productive. From the receptionist, to the P.T. Techs, my experiences with BioMotion were memorable, but more importantly got me back on my feet more
Tim Walker
Tim W.
Went to BioMotion Physical Therapy for a neck injury i sustained in an automobile accident. i had very limited range of motion, with so much pain that I was not able to sleep. after several appts, I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I am currently ongoing with my treatments and am looking forward to the results of my hard work and the staff's dedication.The staff was very patient and professional every appointment that I have had. I highly recommend Bio motion for anyone that... needs physical therapy. Thank you for all you more
william dybowski
william D.
Derek and his staff helped me make a full recovery after lumpectomy/breast surgery . I knew I’d be sore from the cuts to remove cancer and nodes. I didn’t know I’d have to recover range of motion n strength in my arm. I spoke w my surgeon and he said some PT would help. It sure did! In a few weeks, I was back to normal. That was a scary time for me. Derek, you and your staff were knowledgeable , kind , and encouraging. Such a blessing! Thank you Derek and all your staff that helped me... get back my range of motion and feel strong more
Mj Zibelin
Mj Z.
My daughter just got done doing physical therapy with Gene to fix her bad habit of toe walking. Gene was amazing to her. Patient, kind, and caring. Not to mention he knows what he is doing. Very professional and knowledgeable. He told me on the first day him and my daughter were going to be best friends (we went every Tuesday) and he was telling the truth. My daughter was excited every week to go see Gene. He gained her trust and it showed. Thank you Gene 💯❤
dandrea whitten
dandrea W.
I went in for therapy at Biomotion Physical Therapy in Schertz, and they provided amazing help and service. Dr. Sanchez worked on my shoulder and I am back to working and able to move around without pain thanks to him and his staff. I went to an other therapy clinic in the same area prior to biomotion and they did not help at all. The service was unsatisfying and the help they tried to provide had no results. I recommend Dr. Sanchez and Biomotion Physical Therapy Team in Schertz over 100%.
joe hernandez
joe H.
I have been here for two injuries-my shoulder and my back. Derek and his staff always took time to not rush my therapy and to explain and show me how and why we were doing one exercise or another. I could feel they cared more about helping me than pushing me down the pipeline. if you hurt yourself and need help I can’t think of a better place to find it.
Marc LaHood
Marc L.
Derek and his staff at BIOMOTION are THE BEST. As an athlete both young and older now I have had my share of injuries and experiences with PT. Derek is by FAR the echelon of PT. The facility is always super clean with top notch equipment. All the staff are very knowledgably and caring. They go above and beyond every time. I have never had such care at any other place. Now my husband has had a recent neck surgery and back surgery and has been going several times a week. He had a triple fusion in... his neck and went to therapy several times a week for several months and he has healed wonderfully and we told the neurologist that we believe in the PT at Biomotion help immensely. Now he is having PT for his back surgery and once again is doing fantastic at only 6 weeks post op. Even though Biomotion is further than other places for us, we won't go any where else. So do YOUR PT, it is so very important for healing and I would highly recommend Derek Sanchez and any of his staff at Biomotion. God bless and be more
Julie Knowlton
Julie K.
If you want the best physical therapy look no further. From the initial stop at the front desk you're treated with kindness and respect. The Therapist listens and gives you advice and details of your treatment plan making sure you are comfortable with it. To the assistant therapists who works making sure you are doing everything correctly as well as making sure you are comfortable throughout your sessions are kind and helpful treating everyone with dignity and respect they are a great team. I... wouldn't hesitate to come back if needed to I would request bio motionread more
Alfred Franklin
Alfred F.
Derek and all of his staff are top notch......Professional, polite and knowledgeable. I had PT following knee replacement and loved how they listened to me and I (and my knee) were feeling. They push your rehab to maximize your healing but are always mindful of how you are feeling so as not to overdue it. Biomotion is clean and has all the equipment needed. I highly recommend using them for any rehab you may need! Thank you all for getting me back to healthy!
Alan Johanningmeier
Alan J.
The physical therapist here are by far the best in the business. Experts that you can trust, fantastic staff and elite facilities. I had many options for my son's physical therapy living close to the medical center but I am so glad I chose Biomotion! They truly care about their patients and when you couple that with their vast knowledge... it's a winning combination.
Christopher Casarez
Christopher C.
My daughter was injured during birth, and has been in either PT or OT her whole life. We moved to Texas 8 years ago and it took us some time to find someone that could grow with us, or my daughter I should say. Over the past 4/5 years my daughter has been treated by Dr. Sanchez and his team. He's knowledgeable, professional, and understands the importance of patient care! I highly recommended that you give this place a try for your PT needs.
Ashley Degraphenreed
Ashley D.
Such a wonderful experience!! Welcoming front desk, calm overall environment. I observed the therapists during my very brief wait and everyone was so engaged with the care they were providing.My therapist explain my plan of care and treatment plan so I knew what was going on the whole time.Will definitely be back if needed and highly recommend to others!!
Kristi Marfil
Kristi M.
The Team at OPT, is Amazing! Very knowledgeable, very caring. All my treatments have proved beneficial. It had been over a year I wasn't able to bend my right leg, due to several injures, I always has constant swelling. I had no endurance for standing more than 30 mins ,or walking more than 15 mins before the pain and swelling would bother me. After my first couple weeks , I see and feel a hugh difference, I have a ways to go, but am so happy and grateful that I have a Great... friendly, caring, very knowledgeable Team working to get me back to enjoying my life again. love it at OPTread more
Debra Colvin
Debra C.
BioMotion fixed me up!!! I had been struggling with "golfer's elbow" for 6 months plus, and there was no end in sight. It got so bad that I even struggled shaking people's hands. I tried many different treatments and spent a lot of money with nothing really helping. Some things bought me some time, but the tendonitis always came back. I stopped by BioMotion's clinic to ask if they might be able to help and they brought me back immediately. They diagnoswd the problem, and then the following week... I started my path to recovery. I had nothing but top notch care. I love all the staff and Dr Derek. Plus they have a massage therapist on staff. Marlene is awesome. BioMotion treat you like family and are excited to help you along your path to more
Jerame Hafen
Jerame H.
I/11/2020I have had the pleasure of knowing Derek and his employees since I started going to him for physical therapy many years ago when he first started over on Schertz Parkway and have followed him since then. Derek and his staff have shown nothing but professionalism, understanding of my pain and kindness through out my process of healing. Derek is known through the medical community for his knowledge and his dedication to his patients. As for myself, I will always continue to follow... him because of his passion for helping people. Thank you Derek and your staff for always helping those in more
Lucretia Adams
Lucretia A.
I have been going for two weeks so far and I love it. Since you get walk through the front door the treatment is awsome, polite, friendly and professional. I was scared at first but they make me feel so comfortable that the day's I go there, are my relaxing days. The facilities are clean and organized. They are always concerns about my wellbeing, and not simply passing by another day at work. Highly recommend!!!!!!! 😊💪👍
akuamarie tapia
akuamarie T.