The Importance of Proper Posture

proper posture

We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t slouch when we’re standing and that we should sit up straight when we’re sitting. However, proper posture is more important than just making your parents happy. Here are some of the reasons why proper posture affects your body and how you can improve your posture by following a few simple steps.

Benefits of Proper Posture

Appear More Confident

Having a good posture has been linked with an increase in self-confidence. Add in the fact that properly aligning your back makes you look slimmer and younger, it’s not surprising to see why this can lead to a boost in confidence in a few seconds.

Improves Circulation

Allowing your internal organs to assume their natural position is one of the most important benefits of proper posture. By slouching, you’re causing a disruption in the flow and function of your stomach that could lead to several compression issues.

By practicing proper posture, you prevent digestive problems like acid reflux, but also help reduce the likelihood of hernias.

Helps Muscles and Joints

Misalignment of your spine can often cause your bones and joints to wear in an abnormal way. Significant wear can lead to significant problems, such as muscle strain, back pain, and even arthritis if left unchecked.

Proper posture makes muscles and bones work together in harmony, reducing the fatigue felt by the body while using less effort to maintain your body moving. This in turn will allow your body to feel better while doing your job or when you’re active.

Helps Keep your Spine Healthy

Maintaining a correct posture is not only important for your appearance, but also for your spine and back. This becomes even more of a concern if you spend most of their day sitting in a chair or standing as part of their job.

Failing to maintain a good posture can add strain to your muscles, which over time could lead to constricted blood vessels and other problems with your spine. Proper posture puts less strain on your body’s muscles and less fatigue on your spine.

How To Improve Your Posture

Proper posture can be difficult to master. But, by following some easy steps you can ensure that your body is properly aligned.

To sit properly, do the following:

  • Maintain your feet on the floor, if possible
  • Your ankles should be in front of your knees
  • Don’t cross your legs
  • Relax your shoulders
  • Maintain a small gap in between your knees and the front of your seat
  • Adjust the backrest of your chair to support your mid and lower back
  • Avoid sitting in one position for too much

To stand properly, do the following

  • Place your weight on the balls of your feets
  • Slightly bend your knees as you stand
  • Maintain your feet apart, shoulder-width apart is ideal
  • Relax your arms
  • Stand straight with your shoulders back
  • Maintain your head level without pushing it too far in one side
  • Shift your weight from one foot to the other if you have to stand for long periods of time

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