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Hip Surgery Physical Therapy Testimonial

It’s been a decidedly different and pleasant experience to come to BioMotion and make it my home for physical therapy. When I first got here, Dr. Derek evaluated me after hip surgery and laid out some goals with me. From there, his professional staff of therapists and technicians provided me with the right amount of encouragement through tender love and toughness for me to achieve my goals ahead of time.

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Torn ACL Physical Therapy Testimonial

You walk in and everyone goes, “Oh, hi! How was your day? Welcome!” It’s absolutely amazing.

My name is Christina and I go to Still High school and I am now a junior. I tore my ACL in February and I went to BioMotion Physical Therapy for post-op ACL surgery. I’m in track, cheer, and band and I was absolutely devastated as soon as I figured out. How am I ever going to run again, how am I gonna jump, how am I gonna flip, and I’m now starting to do all that stuff again.